Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Cleaning

Yesterday and today I have been working on my Winter Cleaning. Basically the winter version of spring cleaning. Assessing the things we don't use, things that should go to Good Will, things that should be thrown away, cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning.

Since I've been sick with this chest cold for about two weeks now, I move slower than I'd like, but I am making good progress. It's odd to think that this is probably our last year in this apartment and it's feeling more like things are were they belong in the apartment to make it "ours". Just goes to show how long it can take to make a place feel like home.

I've been crafting today too, in between cleaning, making sure I don't wear myself out and end up in a coughing fit like last night. Blah. So I have been working on my future-brother-in-laws present. My sister said he could use some more handkerchiefs, which he wears under his work helmet because he shaves his head. Unfortunately, she said he prefers solid colors, so no fancy bleaching or dyeing going on. Just cutting and sewing. I am using it as practice on my hand sewing though, since it's been a while and I have a future project in mind that is going to take a lot of hand stitching.

Maybe I'll have a couple of them to show tomorrow. And I'll try to remember to scan that picture of Garren tomorrow too.

Tomorrow I get to see my replacement Student Teaching coop teacher. Hopefully it goes well.


  1. What a thoughtful gift! I bet you're a shoo-in for his favorite future sister inlaw.

  2. I can't wait to see the pic of Garrin :) When you get done cleaning you can come do mine. Good luck with the coop teacher, I sure everything will work out, take care.

  3. It's great to clear things out, and winter is usually a great time for me to do that, too. I start feeling so claustrophobic inside all the time that it's easier to eliminate things. Hope you're feeling better, and that the cleaning goes well!