Sunday, December 20, 2009

School Project

I told you I would have some stuff to show for school projects. This one was made as a cumulative piece for the class. It was to demonstrate what this class helped us learn and how we progressed.

It's wrinkled from being in my bag. The fabric was all hand-painted with acrylics. The water background was painted as one piece with blues, greens, and purples. The colors were very diluted and I used more of a wash technique with some layering.

The green strips were painted as one larger piece with less diluted paint and just one color of green. I then cut up the fabric into the size pieces that I wanted and sewed them together. The outside of the fabric is hemmed with transparent thread as to not distract from the rest of the piece.

Lastly, I created two fish stamps. They are not as complicated as I had originally hoped to make, but with the supplies I had, it was too difficult to do that. Next time I make something like this I will buy linoleum squares to do some real intricate carvings. The fish are stamped onto the fabric with non-diluted black acrylic paint.

The piece is suppose to represent the potential separation that can happen in a school environment. Me being alone in the corner, feeling like I am lost as a new teacher. The students to my left, sectioned off in their own little world and the other teachers and staff above me sectioned off in their own little world. The large open water area is suppose to represent how the techniques I learned in this class with hopefully equip me to better connect with my students and know how to reach out to other school staff members for assistance.

* * * * * *

I should be back blogging more consistently. The Advil and cold packs seem to be doing a good job. It doesn't seem like I will need physical therapy!!

You will probably see a wider variety of crafts though, because knitting in general seems to aggravate the shoulder. So I will be focusing more on some crafts that I have been wanting to do, but that I put aside for knitting. Hopefully this will be a good thing.

I intend to try to blog each day, except for when we are in Ohio (Jan 1st-Jan 5th). No one in his family even has a computer. We were sent a couple pictures of the boy's nephew, lets face it, I already consider him mine too. Anyways, he's a doll, I'll try to scan one in and show you guys tomorrow. Evidently, I have been spelling his name wrong, not Gerrin, but Garren. Oops, that's what you get when families don't communicate well.

Any who, things seem to be moving in a positive way. Maybe 2010 will be a wonderful year!


  1. Love the colors and the simplicity of the fish. What a great interpretation of your feelings into a beautiful concept.

  2. That is so cool, I love your work, can't wait to see more :)

  3. Glad you are feeling better and have a great in Ohio!

  4. I love the simplicity of the fish! And it's all too true that academics can end up living off in their own little worlds...