Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Admitting Defeat or Knowledge?

I was simply going to title this post, Admitting Defeat. My goal to try to applique all the letters with different embroidery stitches is not working. Being new to applique and to embroidery, I did not understand how many stitches would not work well. The stitches either detract from the letter being appliqued or the intricacies of the stitch disappear into the soft felt.

I don't take this negatively though, just a misjudgment from my lack of knowledge. I am still continuing with the alphabet, but using more traditional applique stitches. I will post some pictures tomorrow, as I forgot to take some today.

Since I am still learning, I am taking it all in stride. Though this does really make me want to start crazy quilting so I can do some work with these stitches. I think once I am done with my LOEP projects, I will immediately begin crazy quilting.

I also have another project I finished to share with you tomorrow. It's still soaking in the dye though. :)


  1. Knowledge! It's a wise woman who learns so quickly and clearly from her mistakes.

    And that's a terrible tease. WHAT is soaking? It's tomorrow already, so when do we get to see?!

  2. No defeat if you learned something. =)

    And dye? Sounds like trouble...