Sunday, April 4, 2010

Starting and continuing

So, I have decided to just jump in and be adventurous. I have plenty of time to be so right now. So, with the Liberia Orphan Education Project I have decided to up my ante. After all, I really do need to fill my time better.

Now, my goal is to do:
1 Alphabet set, including drawstring bag
1 Number set (0-20), including drawstring bag
1 Shape set, including drawstring bag
1 Color set, including drawstring bag

The Alphabet set will be felt bags with appliqued letters. On one side will be the capital version of the letter and the other side will have the small version of the letter. I will use TAST embroidery stitches to applique the letters on.

The Number set, I am thinking about couching yarn onto felt bags into the shape of each number. Then on the back using fabric paint to spell out the word.

The Shape set, I am going to use felt again to make the shapes. I think I will spell out the names in fabric paint.

The Color set, again felt bags in the appropriate colors. I am unsure whether I want to paint the names on the bags or embroider them.

I really wish I had some time and money to do some of them with fabric dyeing. Oh well, another project.

So, here is my first letter, the capital A:

I used buttonhole stitch because I have never appliqued before and this seemed like a good place to start. I decided to use black thread since everything else is so colorful. It wasn't too bad for my first try, but this will be an interesting experience.

Capital A

As for my sock projects, I am still working on them:

Since these are being made for my feet in particular the progress seems a little slow. I have tried a couple things, tore some things out, but am still happy with the progress I am making.


With Tribute I have moved past the heel & gusset and am now working on the foot. The more I knit on it, the more I am disappointed these won't be mine.



  1. That is so cool you are doing that, I tried to join but it wouldn't accept me for some reason.

  2. Your bean bags will be true works of art!

  3. Everything is coming along so nicely!

  4. Looking good... Good way to keep yourself busy.

  5. Oh, the irony that comes from reading blogs backwards. You wrote about having lots of time what, 2 days before getting a new job? Still, sounds like a fun set of projects. =)

  6. You are so busy, I love the socks (of course). whew you are making me tired