Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting ready

I haven't disappeared quite yet. Thursday at 4am I am leaving for the airport to go back to Washington State to see one of my little sisters get married. I have spent the last few days and will spend the next few days getting everything all set.

I am quite excited. We went in reverse order in my family. My littlest sister got married first, now the middle one will be getting married on May 1st, and then I will get married sometime in the hopeful near future.

I have a few things I am finishing up that I am bringing with me. Plus the boy will be left alone for about 5 days. So I am making sure the apartment is all clean, laundry done, and everything is easy for him to find. We wouldn't want to make his time alone too complicated. :)

I am also getting all LOEP stuff prepared as I plan on finishing up the rest of the embroidering on my plane rides there and back.

Tomorrow I will show a few pictures of the new Baker's Dozen square I am working on for May.

And you'll never believe it, but I actually found my regular foot to my sewing machine!! You know the one I have been looking for since we practically moved to Buffalo. I have been sewing with the zipper foot instead. I found it in my box of safety pins!! Who would've thunk??


  1. Glad you found your foot :) See you soon!

  2. What fun! We got married in reverse order too. I got married first, then my older half sister...