Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Inspirations

Many more inspirations for this week, summertime is definitely a time of ideas:

~Sunset Sweater - - love this sweater from Erica of DesigKnit. She dyed, spun, swatched, knit, knit, and finished her beautiful sweater. Simply wonderful!

~Rainbow Jaywalker - - I love this sock from gray la gran of Haphazard Knitter. The way the stripes work in the Jaywalker pattern are wonderful!

~Reverse Applique Bag - - Love this project from Beki of artsy-crafty babe. Love the ways she worked in the reverse applique and the painting on the fabric!

~Prairie Rose Lace Shawl
- - I love Monika's shawl and the progression it made from fiber, to yarn, to shawl! If you love shawls, I definitely recommend her blog, Smoking Hot Needles. She always has the most beautiful shawls. Plus she likes orange! :)

~Chili Pepper - - Susan B. Anderson has this great pattern for free. I like how it can be worn with more room at the top or pulled down further and snug. It reminds me of something my sister Echo might like.

~Monkey! - - I love colors PogKnits chose for this. I will likely be purchasing Annita's Jacobus pattern. It can be purchased through the Ravelry page or through Annita'sblog link.

~Blog Books - - I love this! Not that I feel like I have enough to print anything out yet, but I love the idea of having a print version of my blog in a nice book format!


  1. Thanks for the mention, and I'm glad you like the sweater! Off to check off the rest of the links...

  2. Hmmm... Blog books? Neat idea! Is Monkey a seamless pattern? Did I read that on Ravelry? And yes m'dear, that shawl of Monika's is the OTHER link someone else had sent me earlier in this long weekend. Isn't it incredible?!

  3. Oh my! Now I have a list of more things I want to make, I especially like the shawl, and the reverse applique, and the hat....
    Thanks for the blog to book link, that is interesting!