Monday, July 12, 2010

Video Blogging #5

Okay, notes are here :)

~Tour De Fleece
Loving spinning again! It's nice to get back into it. I wish I made more of a conscious effort to spin more. I am definitely going to end up navajo-plying it when all is said and done. Just not sure if it'll held double and made into socks or held single and made into a shawl.


Didn't get finished with Elijah, but made some small progress.


~Cloud Chaser
Still enjoying this. It is nice and not too complicated.

Close-up on cables.
Cloud Chaser

Cloud Chaser

Won this from a giveaway Beki from arsty-crafty babe had. I enter many contests, but entered this hoping to win it for my niece Justice. They look wonderful in person, may just order some for myself.

Klutz Glossy Bands


  1. I have no sound at work... so I'll try to remember to watch at home!

  2. Neat! I like that I can tell what room you are in. When before I had no clue! :)

  3. I love the colors of the spinning! It's nice when things like the Tour de Fleece help to revive old projects that have fallen by the wayside. =)

  4. Hey your videos keep getting better and better! Love, love the cloud chaser! You have more spinning done on your spindle than I do on my wheel! *grin*