Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Video Blogging #6

~Echo Flower Shawl : still trying to knit on this here and there. The heat and humidity makes it hard to work with wool though. Started my 7th repeat in the flower chart and will need to add a new lifeline soon.

~Bakers Dozen Square : Knitting paw print designs for my square, the Member of the Month (MoM) is sewing hers together to donate blankets to the animal shelter.

~Cloud Chaser : making some small progress on it, trying to finish up some other things though, so it's not getting as much time as in the beginning.

~Elijah : I keep forgetting to work on this little guy, but I am making progress. :)

~Little Pea's Blanket : Sketched some designs for his/her blanket and will hopefully be starting on it soon.

~Tour De Fleece : Still enjoying it, still managing to find a few minutes each day.

Still have some reviews I will hopefully be getting out soon now that I am feeling better! Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Oh - isn't it hard to knit wool in the Summer? Your projects will get finished though. Who's little pea is the blanket for?

    What a great idea to add dog paws to the charity blankets. g

  2. I keep saying I'm going to do a cloth or two - your "squares" comment reminded me - but... I could have knitted last night, but when the porch thermometer displays three digits... I haven't even spun in over a week. Maybe I can fix that tonight too.

  3. Sorry you haven't been feeling well. Is that your craft room? I keep looking at it when you video blog and I'm envious! It looks organized! I agree with the black and white on the quilt, I think it makes the other colors "pop".
    Keep at it.

  4. Glad you are feeling better :)

  5. Yours is the first video blog entry I've watched... what a neat idea! Of course, recording a video blog would require that I blog after I dress and have my morning coffee, so I may not be trying it very soon.

    I love your puppy print square! I'm a member of Ravelry, but I haven't joined any groups. I'm afraid I'd lose enthusiasm for a particular project and fall behind. Then, I'd feel guilty!

    I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well, and I'm glad that you're feeling better! Thanks for visiting my blog!