Thursday, December 2, 2010

Healthy Thursday

Not a wonderful week, but moving back towards progress. If only I liked exercising indoors as much as I liked walking home.

Weight : 276.4 (-.3)

Exercise : Only exercised twice this week. Slow to get in the mood of indoor exercising.

Food : Ate more veggies this week, but only had salad twice. The lettuce I bought wasn't in the best shape and I didn't want to go out into the rain/snow to get more.

Sleep : My achievement! Every night this week I slept at least 7 hours. So it is possible, especially when a punishment is at hand. The husband says that I have to give the $5 to him though, instead of the rainy day change vase. Go figure!

Goals for next week are the same and I have faith that this week will see more progress! :)

I hope each of you were able to take some time this week to take care of yourselves!


  1. You go girl!! ANY loss is a victory... heck, any week I don't gain is a good week!

  2. Yes, incentives or reverse rewards are always helpful in achieving your goals.

  3. Outdoor exercise is so much more interesting. We got snow last night, so at least shoveling provided an excuse to get out and do something outside! Glad you're at least managing to get good sleep.

  4. Exercise indoors is just not as fun. I was happy that we got snow last night, so at least I could get out and shovel! I'm glad you're getting at least sleep; every little bit helps!

  5. I need your inspiration with exercising and weight loss, I just got on the scale this am. EEK!