Thursday, December 9, 2010

Healthy Thursday

Well, honestly, I blame myself and the Christmas candy that came out! I did get to spend more time with my husband this week though and that was nice as he didn't take any overtime.

Weight : 277.2 (+1.2)

Exercise : I exercised 3 times this week, but only once was aerobic.

Food : Ate more veggies this week, I had salad 3 times.

Sleep : Sleep did well, except I had to pay in $5 once.

Not too happy with the gain, but it's understandable. Plus my temp job could be ending any day as their business slows down for the winter, which is not helping with the stress.

I think I am being too lenient on myself with the exercise, so I have a goal of doing some kind of exercise EVERY day this week. Also . . . limited Christmas Candy!

I hope each of you were able to take some time this week to take care of yourselves! ☺


  1. We all have bad weeks! You can do it! Keep up the good work. Try not to stress, stress solves nothing :)

  2. Be kind to you! Sometimes, our feminine bodies just SHIFT, retain fluids, etc. Don't push yourself, but the exercise might help with the stress...

  3. The holidays are always tough. You'll be back on track in no time. Hope the job stress drops soon!