Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Interweave Knits Winter 2010

Well, with this busy holiday season, I have realized that it is quicker for me to do these reviews typed. So I apologize to those who like the video versions, but if the reviews are going to get out they will have to be the typed ones. Today we have the new Interweave Knit Winter 2010.

~Charvet Pullover - - I am a huge stripe fan and I really love the diagonal stripes in this one. The downfall is, you will have to put some faith into the designer for the fit to be accurate. Since the garment is worn with ease and the sizes only go up to 45.5, this isn't a garment that would fit me. Maria Leigh's Page.

~Latvian Braid Mitts - - I am so glad the pictures on-line are better, the ones in the magazine are dark and it is hard to see the mitts well. I like that they are detailed, but not overly so. Zoe Scheffy's Page.

~Barclay Sweater - - (warning, the bonus picture link is blah), Any who, I like the stripes in this and am partial to the neutral colors, but the wide neckline is too feminine for me to think of a man's sweater. I don't much care for the block of solid color under the arm either, maybe on a more fitted sweater or one without the thin stripes it would look fine. Katherine Vaughan's Page.

~Flowering Plum Pullover - - Visually I find the contrast of the V-stripes and the horizontal stripes on the arm to be unpleasant. Unfortunately in general, a V shape is not flattering on a lot of people, since the arrow is essentially pointing to your stomach and away from potentially more flattering parts of your body. Katya Frankel's Page.

~a href="" target=_blank>Kinetic Cowl - - Interesting construction and very aesthetically pleasing. Exactly what makes it unique is probably the same reason I personally would never knit it, but that's because for me it would require a patience similar to scarves. Amy Polcyn's Page.

~Spoked Hat - - Love the lines in this and the little detail of the bobbles at the edge. I would consider making this, but would probably change how the hat decreases, as it looks like there is a bubble at the top of the hat that does not fit the models head well. Cia Abbott Bullemer is the Designer.

~Lollipop Cap - - Ah, I love this! The swirly stripes are very visually appealing, especially in conjunction with the slouch of the hat. This would be a wonderful project to learn/practice double knitting. I will most likely make this in the not too distant future. AnnaLena Mattison is the Designer.

~Isobel Skirt - - Very small sizes unfortunately. This is most definitely one of the more aesthetically pleasing skirts I have seen. It has an appearance of movement, comfort, and class. Cia Abbott Bullemer is the Designer.

~Prism Pullover - - Small hem circumference will unfortunately mean that this will only fit smaller people, which is disappointing because I think aspects of this design would look nicer on a curvier person. It is beautiful in theory, more like a piece of knitted art than an actual garment. Unique in construction also makes it hard to make it fit a variety of sizes. The color was a lovely choice for the pattern. Heather Lodinsky is the Designer.

~Evergreen Vest - - I am not quite so much a fan of the yarn used as it blurs and softens the stitch definition too much for me. As a texture person, this is not appealing to me. In general though, I think I would really like this in another yarn. The stitches appear lovely together. Deborah Newton is the Designer.

~Tuckernuck Cardigan - - Absolutely love this! The texture is wonderful and while the mixture of stitches dances on over-done, they work well together. I only wish the had them in larger sizes for my older niece. Elinor Brown's Page.

~Crocus Cardigan - - I so much want to love this top and I do love the stitch pattern. The garment seems ill-fitting though. The boxy shape and heavy yarn, just do not make this a flattering top. Which is too bad, because it has so much potential for a lovely top. Laura Grutzeck is the Designer.

~Slouchy Cable Pullover - - Love the chunky cabled neckline. The mesh is nice and the thick hem is a good contrast. I do not like the big armholes though. Silka Burgoyne's Page.

~Galvanized Cardigan - - Love the contrast of the weights of the yarn and the colors. Otherwise, a nice simple cardigan. Amy Christoffers.

~Ginevra's Pullover - - Love this! The lace-weight neck insert is a lovely contrast to the worsted weight aran. Would either lower or raise the front, as across the middle of the breasts is not flattering. Would also lengthen the sleeves. I love how the collar bunches around the neck, but the front is nice and open. Amy Polcyn's Page.

~Oslo Walk Shawl - - Very lovely. The small depth makes the motifs nice and prominent. I have an inclination to make this as a lovely spring item. Susanna IC's Page.

~Winter Wren Cardigan - - I like the colorwork sections, however the garment is too over done for me. I think the ruffles and the tie threaded through the waist are just a bit over the edge for me. I do think this would make a nice vest though. Shirley Paden's Page.

~Thandie Funnel Neck - - Nice texture, I like the way the Brioche Rib looks. I am a huge fan of the neck. The buttons make a nice point of interest. I definitely would like to make one of these. Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark's Page.

~Pinked Socks - - The colorwork is interesting and works differently with different yarn colors. I like how both examples turned out. Love that they look far more complicated than they are. I like that it has larger sizes. Judy Alexander's Page.

~Art Deco Argyle Stockings - - Fan of the argyle. I like that there are options given for adjusting the calf size. It has an interesting construction which I would like to try just to see how it works. Lisa D. Jacobs is the Designer.

~Stranded Boot Stockings - - Aesthetically these are very appealing, but the complicated design limits the sizing. Kari Anderson is the Designer.

~Alpha Stockings - - Love the lattice texture. I also like that it is different on the foot and leg. Unfortunately limited size does not fit my feet. Jenna Hurry's Page.

~Pavo Slipper Socks - - Nice cable, yet again, limited sizes. Chrissy Gardiner's Page.

~Houndstooth & a Half Jacket - - Really dislike the fiber used in this, it looks like matted animal fur. As a textural person, even the thought of touching that makes me nauseated. Tammy Eigeman Thompson is the Designer.

~Gloucester Coat - - I absolutely love this one and want one this very moment. I will definitely be making one of these once I have some time . . . maybe February-ish. The hood looks good up or down, which is a rarity in patterns. The cabled texture is lovely. Lets face it, I am a fan of the color too! Pam Powers's Page.

~Ginza Sport-Coat - - I like this, but not as a man's sweater. It is very feminine looking to me. The texture is nice and I like the pockets also. Sarah Fama is the Designer.

~Burnham Wood Capelet - - This is quite cute. Not something I would probably wear. But I love the cables and would consider making this 'just because', more of a process knit. Romi's Page.

There is also a gotta have zipper article in there by TechKnitter.

Overall, I enjoyed this issue and think it is definitely worth a look or two! As always, these are just my opinions. I encourage everyone to take a look at the projects and let me know what you think! :)


  1. I haven't even had time to look at mine yet, but I did see that diagonal sweater thing in an email... I need to finish off the two cardis I have on the needles...

  2. I've been liking a lot of the things in Interweave lately. So many things to knit, so little time...

  3. I am not a fan of knitted skirts! But this one is lovely! Also the cardigan, and the coat is to die for! It really helps having you look at it also. You often see something in a pattern that I would pass up!
    Take care