Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Inspirations

~This Entrelac Cap looks so nifty. I saw an example on Ravelry that was in all different colors, loved it! This is probably future knitting.

~Sewn Hand Towels are a wonderful idea. I love how they are decorated and beautiful on one side and highly functional on the other. So want to make some of these.
Horned Owl is adorable! I’m not quite sure I want to pay that much for the pattern, but I may give in as it is too cute.

~Very tempted to join this Metamorphosis Lace KAL. I want to learn more about lace designing and such, but just not sure I’ll have the time. We shall see.

Recipes I’d like to try:

~Doesn’t this Peppermint Bark look delicious? The recipe looks easy and worth trying.


  1. That entrelac hat is on my radar too. I have a kit for one, and a pattern for at least one at home, but...

  2. I was wanting to try bark. Not peppermint as I don't like that flavor. It is on my to do list but will have to wait a little while!

  3. I like the entrelac cap in the subtle colors; it has a lot of depth and texture. I bet it would look nice in multiple colors, too.

    I'm also very tempted by the Metamorphosis KAL, but I'm pretty sure that there's no way I'll have time. I'm debating signing up anyway, just to follow along, though...

  4. I'll stick with the peppermint bark, I'm not up to starting any projects! Although these are great! Well, I might have to put them on my list.....