Saturday, July 23, 2011

Training Update

I'd apologize again, but I am sure it's getting kind of old. The heat is still crazy here though, hopefully the weather people are right and the heat is going to break in next couple days. Right now, more than a couple minutes out of AC and you are drenched in your own sweat. Unfortunately since the way our apartment is structured, you can open every window in it and it just doesn't get a breeze to cool down, so it's always hotter in here than outside!

I haven't been knitting much, I am designing a baby sweater and it's going slow due to my lack of knitting time.

Any who, onto the Wookie info. First class went better than expected, meaning we are still in the class. :) Wookie barked about 2/3rds of the class, but never got aggressive with any dogs. So we are moving on. Our homework this week is to go on a playdate, so tomorrow Wookie has a playdate with Rosie, the dog of a co-worker. Rosie is a German Shephard/Lab mix, if I remember correctly. We are going to the park in the morning and have them get use to each other. Rosie is of a much better disposition than Wookie, so hopefully she will have patience with him. I'll try to get some pictures.

Also, I have to mention that sometimes the kindness of strangers is overwhelming. The trainer said I am supposed to not avoid dogs while walking, instead see how Wookie does and reward him for his good effort. This is incredibly hard, because the moment Wookie starts barking, other owners don't want their dogs near him. Which I understand, but it makes socializing Wookie very difficult. Tonight we were walking and Wookie barked at a big black dog on the other side of the street. This guys stopped and asked if it was okay if he brought his dog over to meet Wookie. I told him about Wookie being in training. Wookie had a good 10 minutes or so with the other dog. This guys was very understanding and nice, as was his dog. His dog was a rescue dog, when he was a puppy he was beat to within an inch of his life. It was just so wonderful that this guy took his time out to help me and Wookie. He cannot possibly understand how much I appreciated this. In the end, Wookie even let the other dog sniff him.


  1. What a great moment with the stranger and his dog! Hopefully soon, Wookie will be all adjusted... Gretchen still need some work too, but I see our training place has no August classes. Hrmph.


  2. In our neighborhood most people don't want to stop either. They just rush along, maybe they don't have much time, and walking the dog is just another chore for them. Denny is also a barker, but he walks along with us, just looking behind him to the other dog. Most people don't want dogs to great each other, because being on the leash where they can't interact as they normally would restricts them, so that it's just a bother.
    Let us know how your play date went!

  3. That is wonderful!!!! Good for that guy and good for you!

  4. Still in the class sounds like a good start! It's the small steps, sometimes. =)