Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wookie's World

Hey guys, Mommy said since she hasn't been able to read blogs to have anything for Sunday Inspirations, that I could blog today!

First off, I finally got shaved! Our extra blades arrived! Woo, hoo! I didn't much care for it during the process, but afterwards I was all energy and bouncing around.

Today I went to the park and had a play-date with Rosie. Boy did she have a lot of patience with me. We hung out for 2 hours and played with our Mommies, sticks, and a tennis ball. Unfortunately we had to play with the big ball because Mommy says Rosie might choke on ours, but it was still fun! Did you know that when running for a tennis ball, I can run right into Rosie and she doesn't even notice me? We just keep on running for the ball.

Here's a couple pictures of the park:


I know she doesn't look that much bigger than me, but trust me, it's all an optical illusion.

Mommy says I behaved very well. I even shared some of my treats and my water dish with Rosie. We had a good time together. We have another play date scheduled for Tuesday night when our Mommies get out of work.


  1. I pity all black dogs right now. They must feel so hot! I'm glad it went well. Wookie is so cute with his puffy tail, and lion head! :o)

  2. Very good! Bet it is nice to get and about and enjoy the hot hot weather :)

  3. Could you be any cuter?! Goodness. Enjoy your play date!


  4. A shave and a playdate sounds like a pretty good week to me!