Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Inspirations

Well, I have quite a few recipes to share this Sunday, since I've been pretty absent for the month of July.

Recipes I’d like to try:

I’ve never been a fan of tomato soup, it always seemed bland to me, but this Roasted Tomato Soup sound delicious.

This Chile Halibut and Black Beans sound delicious. Black beans are something I have definitely grown to like since moving to New York State.

Another thing I have grown to love is Cashews, especially in cooking. So this Spicy Garlic Cashew Chicken sounds good and interesting.

Blueberry Oatmeal Crumble Bars not only sound good, but are perfect for right now when berries are so plentiful. This seems like an easy thing to substitute Gluten-Free Flour also.

I love roasted cauliflower and this Curried Cauliflower Popcorn sound delicious and simple.

I am a fan of potato salad so this Poblano Chorizo Potato Salad sounds good.

I love salmon and I love Indian food so how could I not think that this Salmon Curry. I am so making this soon.

One of the things I have missed are simple snacks like Granola bars. I know they have Gluten-Free ones, but have you tried those? Any who, I was so glad to see this recipe for Granola Bars. I will be switching some things out when I try them, but it seems like a good base, plus the bars actually look good.

Love the sound of this simple recipe for Crockpot Applesauce. Have you ever looked at what they add to the applesauce you buy? Any who, will be making some of this soon when apples come in season.


  1. YOU try the curried cauli and let me know. I'm curious, but evidently, not brave! ;)


  2. Sounds good! Especially the tomato soup. I wouldn't want it for a few months, but it will be wonderful in the fall!