Monday, August 1, 2011

Wookie's World

Okay, I know I am behind, but today I am going to tell you about last week and then Wednesday I'll be back to tell you about this week so far!

Well Mommy says my behavior is slowly improving. We went to the dog park, had a second play date with Rosie, and had training class this week. I am definitely learning that dogs aren't always something to fear. It is going slowly, but there is definite progress, especially around
dogs I have already met.

Sunday evening we went to the dog park, there are two sides to the dog park, the small dogs side and the all dogs side. Since there were no dogs in the small dogs side, we went into the all dogs side. Before we went in I was barking at the dogs, but once we got in, I didn't bark
at all. I'm not going to lie to you guys, I was afraid, but Mommy says this is what we are working on anyways. I did try to run a couple times with some of the dogs, but then got scared because I
thought they were chasing me. I got to wander around some and let me tell you, I loved that the other dog's brought their people. Afterall, I love people and not to brag, but people love me! We also went back yesterday, but we will talk about that on Wednesday. We will also be going back on Tuesday. Unfortunately Daddy is having a hard time with my socialization also. He is worried about me annoying other dogs and the other dogs hurting me, so we have to work on Daddy's comfort level too.

Tuesday night after Mommy got home we had our second play date with Rosie. Daddy came with us, so we could start working on his comfort level. Do you know what I figured out? Rosie is a girl! Mommy says not to go into details, as this is a PG blog. It's not like I really tried anything. So needless to say, I am getting pretty comfortable with Rosie and I love the way she smells.

We went to training class last night. I am getting more use to my class mates, when walking around the store, I recognize them. I tried smelling some of them, which Mommy assures me is a good thing, but can you believe that they wanted to sniff me back? That obviously was not kosher. I still barked a lot at class, but less than last time. Some of the stuff we do in class I am already good at, like we did handling at the beginning of class, trust me, growing up around little kids, I have that one down. Then we did some loose leash walking around the store, which I am always good at when Mommy has treats. :) Although, do you know how hard it is to pay attention when you are walking down the treat aisle?!?!? Last we worked on greeting strangers. Our Mommies and Daddies had to ask strangers in the store to ask us to sit for them and then give us a treat. That was fun because then people wanted to pet me.

I did get ran over a few times by Ellie, one of my classmates, who evidently doesn’t like little dogs, but she is fascinated with me. She is a black lab, so she looks similar to Rosie, so I am a little more tolerant of her. But Ellie wants me to wrestle and play and I am so not into that.

Overall, it was a good training night. We were both worn out by the time we got home. And we both crashed. Mommy also found some dog treats that not only do I like, but she feels comfortable feeding me. They gave us a sample the first class. They are called Blue Bits in the Chicken flavor and basically no grains and no crappy fillers. Only downfall, of course, is that they are a little pricy – but not too bad. Mommy says this has given her the idea to try to make some of her own doggy treats. I hope they are good!

Well guys, this has been a long catch up post, so I think I need some sleep! See you all Wednesday!



  1. Yay Wookie!! I need to find a class to get Gretchen in... I'm not going to use the place I took Sissy...