Thursday, August 25, 2011


Well, it is final my beloved readers! I have graduated from Beginner Education, better known as Beginner Doggy Training! I must say I was a top student, I know, I know, I am modest too!

Mommy says tomorrow when she gets off work and after we go to the doggy park, she will have Daddy film us doing some of my obedience skills and tricks.

Now, on to the glamor shot!



Mommy says come Spring we will consider Intermediate Training, depending on how I do over the Winter.


P.S. I stole some of that pretty roving! Mommy said she things it's still usable though. Of course it's usable, it just has some Wookie slobber . . . doesn't that make things better?


  1. Congratulations, Wookie! When our Denny was a wee puppy he went to petsmart puppy school too, but he flunked out after the first session. At that time my son was still his daddy, and he didn't like the lady trainer at all. But Denny earned a big treat, for being the smartest dog ever. During the session she said, because one of the others asked, no dog likes Bitter Apple, and that's what you use, when they chew up things. But Denny liked it, and my son told her as much. She was rude, and said, that's not possible, got a bottle of bitter apple, drenched her hand with it, and held it in front of Denny's nose. He started licking it off, like it was sugar. Hehe, my son was so proud of Denny. The reason why he didn't like that course at all, was, that she would not let the dogs come close, to sniff each other, and went ponkers, when the little pups didn't stop yapping. :o) Some trainer!

  2. Congrats!!! We never framed Sissy's, but hold onto that, because if you take more classes, they sometimes ask you to prove you've passed basic...

    And what's a little slobber?! Tell Mommy to come visit Sissy and meet DROOL; that'll put it in perspective.


  3. Congratulations on finishing! Try not to steal the roving, is very tempting, but it's not as much fun for Mommy to spin after you've played with it.