Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Inspirations

So, today is not only about inspirations found out in the vast Internets, but also about my own. As I have been blogging I have created specific structures for myself (Food Friday, Wookie on Wednesday, Sunday Inspirations, Healthy Thursday, etc) and in the past this created a good thing for me. Unfortunately, as life has shifted . . . not only with Wookie and all the things I do with him, but just as I change, that structure had become a little stifling. It made me less likely to post because I felt more like I require specific things from myself at certain time and with my life busier now, I just couldn't keep up with those requirements or could only fulfill them on a day that wasn't the day they were scheduled for. I know, crazy you are thinking, huh? So, no more with the structure, things will be posted when I am inspired and have time. So if I have food to post on a Monday, then Monday it will be. I think this is just what I needed in terms of blogging.

On to the Inspirations:

I love the look of this Book Cover, not only do the fall colors appeal to me, but when I was younger I would make book covers for most of my books. I need to go get myself some plastic canvas!

This adorable Pin Cushion could also be adjusted to be a dog toy, which was my first thought. Take out the button and the pompoms and this thing might really fly. It’s a nice pin cushion also, I just don’t use them often myself.

I know you are thinking that I am turning into too much of a dog mommy, but the first thing I think of when I see the directions for these Crocheted Beads is that when made in a few certain sizes they would make perfect little balls for Wookie!

Love Chan’s Moonlight Sonata! Makes me want to knit one.

Recipes I’d like to try:

Don’t these Peach Bars look yummy!? I’m wondering how well they would do with Gluten Free flour? Might have to try real soon while peaches are in season.

This Raspberry Mango Coconut Smoothie sound interesting!

One thing the husband and I disagree on is Lemon, he is not a fan of lemon flavored things and I love them! These Lemon Ricotta Cookies sound interesting and delicious! I need to try these . . . yes, need!

I never thought of making something like these Zucchini Chips, but they are just like eggplants in the Eggplant Stacks and I am betting zucchini tastes great like this too . . . maybe even with a little of the tomato mixture used in the Eggplant Stacks.


  1. I find that I always work better with less structure...I have enough deadlines to meet; no need to add more! Hope the freeflow works for you.

    Those peach bars look great, and I think they should work well with GF flour.

  2. I think that's a good decision, about blogging whenever you feel like it, or have time for it. It certainly makes life easier. That book cover is something!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out. I want to try your zucchini chips stack idea...

    And when structure becomes confining, cut bait and fish!


  4. you are a wonderful doggy mommy, Wookie couldn't be luckier!

  5. Yes, I find that no structure works better as well. Just post what you want when you want!!

  6. OK, I have to go fix dinner, I can't stand it anymore. Everything sounds so yummy~!