Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Inspirations

This sewn Froggy is adorable. Yet again, I think it would make a great dog toy. What do you expect, my dog essentially is my child? :)

Also by Coloured Buttons is this Fridge Shnookie which is so cute and I so want to make some!

Adorable Coin Purse!

Absolutely, super-duper, love this Art Journal Tutorial! These will definitely fall into the Christmas present category . . . I may even make one for myself! :)

I am a lover of the Pencil Case! I love little bags this size for various little project, notions reasons. This may also fall into the Christmas present category!

This Vertical Garden idea is nifty and very space saving.

Recipes I’d like to try:

Doesn’t Peach Vanilla Bean Jam sound delicious? I definitely want some.

A new to me gluten-free blog Gluten Free on a Shoestring that has some nifty ideas. Haven’t had time to take a good look at the site, but it’s definitely added to my reader and here are a few links that sound good : GF Pizza Dough, Ice Cream Cones, Soft Taco Tortillas, and GF Enchiladas.

I have to admit that these Steamed Eggs sound interesting and healthier. I will have to try these.

Oh how I miss Asian food, but there is a cookbook coming out, The Gluten Free Asian Kitchen, I want it!


  1. That is awesome, are you going to get it? We can make potstickers when you come out!!!

  2. The pencil case and the journal are such great back-to-school ideas! So many steps on the pencil case, though I imagine it would go faster in real life than in pictures.

    The Asian Kitchen book sounds interesting. I've found that worcestershire and fish sauce make a great substitute for soy sauce (since I can do neither soy or wheat, tamari is right out). I'm sure there will be some interesting recipes in there!