Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dehydrated Doggie Treats

Hey guys, it's me again, Wookie! I know you guys are probably wondering where Mommy is in all of this, well she's been dealing with some pretty nasty migraine stuff this week and weekend. I'm told her head hurts lots, so she's mostly been hiding out in the A/C in the bedroom and sleeping when she's not at work. She was suppose to go in for overtime this weekend, but didn't cause she is feeling very icky. I'm trying to give her lots of cuddles and letting her pet me lots in case it makes her feel better.

I thought I wouldn't leave you guys hanging though, so I thought I'd tell you about Mommy trying to make me some doggy jerky in the dehydrator. She wanted a cheaper way to get me good treats and honestly, she's found it is cheaper to make me them than to buy them. So here is what she tried this first time:

So on the left we have turkey jerky, right we have ham jerky, and on the bottom we have hot dog jerky.

So, lets talk about all this yumminess, yes I have tried a piece of each of it and let me tell you, delicious!

So the turkey jerky is just lean ground turkey from the grocery store. She didn't add anything to the meat for flavor or anything, because we wanted a base of flavor for just the meat itself. I personally think it's pretty tasty. She used the tool in her jerky kit to make them thin tubes of meat and then dehydrated them and broke them into smaller lengths. She thinks this tool is going to come in handy with future batches and ideas.

The for the ham, we just bought a ham from the grocery store and sliced it up and put it in the dehydrator. We were wondering how well this would work, because ham is precooked, but it worked out well. Mommy then took those big pieces and cut them into smaller pieces for me. I'll tell you a secret . . . even Mommy likes the ham jerky.

Lastly, the hot dog jerky. This was more of a "lets see if this will work" idea. Mommy hates it at class when her hands are all slimy from feeding me bits of hot dog and thought it might work so much better if it were dry. They are also yummy.

Since these worked so well, Mommy has a few more complicated ideas in her head. Especially some ideas to make the treats more bite size for me. I have to say, who knew a dehydrator could be so doggy friendly?!?!?



  1. What a wonderful mom you have, Wookie! Can't wait to see what the complicated ideas are...


  2. Glad you're getting some yummy (and healthy!) treats! Hope Mommy's head is feeling better, too!

  3. That is pretty neat! Such a good mommy.