Monday, August 22, 2011

Be it by force, guilt, or choice . . .

Hey everyone, this is Wookie! Boy am I so glad to be feeling better. Mommy says we have to take better care of not only the Wookie, but the Mommy too. So me and Mommy are going to get healthy together.

Right now, I am still eating Mommy's home-cooking, low fat food. Today I got just a small bit of dog food as they ease me back into normal doggy food. However, my dinner was brown rice with, one scrambled egg, a little pork, cauliflower, and some zucchini. Who knew healthy could be so yummy?!?!

Mommy says she cannot expect the Wookie to change if she doesn't change herself as it is unrealistic to expect things from someone that you wouldn't do yourself - - within reason. So, she is going to be eating healthier too. She will also start exercising more, this week her focus is going to be on riding this bike in the apartment that doesn't actually go anywhere (humans are weird!).

So expect to see a healthier, even cuter Wookie in the future!


P.S. Mommy bought this new roving for something she calls spinning, I haven't been attracted to any of her yarn yet, but this roving is hard not to steal from her. It smells good!


  1. Gretchen loves roving too. She just wants to rub her neck on it though, so I sometimes give in and let her!


  2. Good for you both! Good luck on the health venture.

  3. It's always nice to have a companion in these things. Good luck with the health mission!

  4. I am so very very happy that you are starting to feel better Wookie! You guys are lucky to have willing partners to help you on the healthy journey :)