Friday, July 15, 2011


Sorry if we worried anyone. We are okay. Wookie had his surgery on Monday and didn't take so well to the drugs and he's now on some pain meds. The only way he can go around without his cone, is if I watch him like a hawk, which isn't really conducive to being online. He's getting better and is being more defiant and bratty, so he's getting into more trouble, so I have to watch him more.

With the cone on, he's barking and yelping pretty much the whole time between when the husband leaves for work and I get home. Granted it's only like 30 minutes, but that is plenty of time for someone to lodge a complaint and us have to get rid of him. So I don't know what to do. It's all a little frustrating right now.

We hope to be back online soon, maybe this weekend, but we will have to see how things go.


  1. Hope he gets better soon :)

  2. I know this doesn't sound nice but maybe a muzzle since there is such a short time where no one is home :(

  3. Oh goodness... poor you and Wookie! Have you tried any calming aids? Gg really likes the ones I've mentioned on the dogs' blog a few times...


  4. Oh dear. The joys of parenting, huh? I hope he settles down and feels better soon!

  5. Glad he is doing well. Don't wear yourself out!!
    They are pretty sturdy little guys.