Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wookie's World

Hey guys! Long time no see, well things have been off schedule here this week and last. I am doing much better from my surgery, I still have to wear this though:


The week is going to continue to be a little hectic. The weather here is exceptionally warm and humid, so we have been spending a lot of time in the bedroom, which is the only room with AC. Mommy is also working overtime this week, so early mornings and tired nights. Tomorrow we start my training class though, which I will either accept socialization with other dogs or we will find out that I have to have private classes. Mommy is really hoping that I accept socialization, we shall see.

So, I wanted to share the new treat Mommy made me. This is 2 cups worth of roast juices and little chunks mixed with about 4-5 cups of Plain yogurt and then frozen in an ice cube tray:


This is what I am eating in the bowl above, with my cone on. I do much better now though and can go without the cone while Mommy just keeps an eye on me. I really like these.

We have some dishes to do and a walk to go on before Mommy attempts to get some sleep tonight, so I will see you all later!



  1. Glad he is doing better! Good luck at class!

  2. Good to see you. Those treats are fabulous for this heat. Hope you don't need private lessons...


  3. Too bad about the cone, but it looks like those treats might make up for it! Hope you won't have to wear it much longer.

  4. oh the cone! LOL, I have some in several sizes! Hope the little guy is feeling better, he is so sweet!
    Take care