Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wookie's World


Well, guys, I am going to have to start taking over some things.

~First off, Mommy forgot the camera and camcorder when we were in Ohio, so we have no pictures or videos of family or me. I mean, this is a serious offense. Obviously I will have to be in charge of packing from now on.

I liked the trip to Ohio, once I realized we were going to be in the car for a long time, I mostly slept on Mommy's lap. We stopped for food and potty breaks. I had lots of fun meeting new people, especially Garren who was lots of fun. He liked to play rough some times though, so Mommy had to protect me. I didn't so much care for being in Motel, I could hear everyone get in and out of their cars, open their room doors, talk, play their music. I did not sleep well the first night, but the other days were so packed full of excitement that I was so tired I slept through the night.

There were lots of bugs, which I didn't much like. Mommy got sunburned real bad. She lost track of time, playing with Garren and didn't have sunscreen on. She says it sucks but that Garren was tons of fun.

~Secondly, they took me to the VET yesterday. I know vet is not a four letter word, but it really should be! I got a physical and heartworm tested. I was VERY uncooperative. The first time she got the needle in, I freaked out so much the needle came out, I started bleeding some and they had to bandage me up and try a different leg. Well this continued until we were on our last leg, literally, finally I stopped jerking and yelping and it took her like 5 times to find a vein in that leg! Luckily I do not have heartworm and have started my preventative medicine today. If Mommy feeds me medicine in a piece of hotdog, I am all for this medicine thing!

I'm not exactly sure what Mommy and Daddy mean, but evidently I am going to get fixed on Monday. I don't think I am broken, so I don't know what this means. Mommy says I will probably pout and be upset with her again though. Very confusing these humans are.

Sorry it took us so long to blog, but Mommy will be back tomorrow with her crafting. See you all next week!



  1. Wookie darling... make your mommy explain to precisely what "fixed" means. I told my girls, especially Gretchen, because she was so young, so tiny, and she had no recovery to speak of. In fact, if your mom was following my blog then, she might recall that the little imp locked me out of the car before we could leave the vet when I picked her up!!

    Also, have your mommy have the nice people at the vet's office give you treats. Sissy has (duh?! can you blame her?!) had spells where she hates the vet, but she's never been too uncooperative, because she knows they love her. I know you're little and it's easy to over-treat, but carrots are a "free food" in our house...


  2. It's good that you had a fun trip! Sorry about the vet. Not fun, but sometimes very important. Hopefully the next trip won't be as difficult!

  3. Glad you had a good time. Forgetting the camera, well it happens, and sometimes it is nice to just enjoy your time and not worrying about snapping photos!!