Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Inspirations

Knitting Inspiration:

I did not join Romi's which is so disappointing after seeing this version of Palelehua or Butterfly. I really like this and think it a little varied it would make a wonderful circular shawl/blanket.

Sewing Inspiration:

Loving these little Cathedral Window Pincushions, so much in fact so, that I want to make some potholders using this.

Recipe Inspirations:

I love Boston Cream Pie and this Boston Cream Poke Cake seems like a lovely variation on it! I am going to have to make this sometime this week!

I keep saying I am going to make my own granola bars and darn it, I am going to, these Chocolate Granola Bars just remind me how much I miss granola bars!


  1. I want to make granola bars.....

  2. I love granola bars. I realize they aren't the healthiest things going, but it's just the right amount of food for me for breakfast, and they're portable and convenient...

  3. I didn't join Romi's club this time around either, because I have not knit a single pattern from the previous round, even though I really loved them all. Weird.

  4. Romi's designs are always beautiful. =)

    I have always liked the cathedral window quilt squares. One of these days, I might even finish the blanket I've started using them. Those pincushions look like a good sized project to test out the technique, though!

  5. OOO love granola bars! I have recently been experimenting with some recipes, I'll look into this one.