Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Words of Wednesday - A Modern Witch Series

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Ah, this one is a series. Often, if I like the first book, I will buy all the rest and then read them. Sometimes this bites me in the butt, but sometimes, like this time it was definitely worth it. The three books are : A Modern Witch, A Hidden Witch, and A Reckless Witch by Debora Geary.

Now I purchased these books more for the supernatural aspect of them. These were a recommendation in one of my Amazon emails.  I will admit that in a review on Amazon someone mentioned that they books will wrap you up and make you cry.  I usually don't believe people when they say things like this, because a book almost never has this effect on me . . .lets just say I cried, a few times, out of joy and sadness.

Impressions : These books are really well written and the author either writes about things she knows well or she does research.  She gives good details and interesting facts about different topics as they apply to the characters or story.  It can be very annoying when authors talk about subjects they actually know very little about or are not willing to do the research, but this was definitely not a problem with these books.  Topics: writing gaming code, yoga, real estate, weather patterns and how storms are created . . . basically what I am saying here, is I actually felt like I learned somethings to in a non-direct way, which was nice.  This series, and her companion series, Witchlight, which I will review after the third book is released, all have a very strong sense of family.  Good family, friends, and relationships were my favorite thing about these books, honestly, they ended up surpassing the fantasy aspect of it all for me.  This author is worth reading.

Characters:  Wonderful cast of characters in these books, whether you like them in the beginning or not.  Just as real people, they all make bad decisions at time and good.  They all end up tying into each other in wonderful ways, creating an even larger community/family unit in different ways.  I love the fact that in the first one, the one who unsuspectingly finds out she is a witch, with powers is the one who least wants it, fights it the most.  Each books takes a person or two to be the main story line, but there are so many other characters involved.  The author does a good job of not only introducing them to you slowly, throughout the series, but each has such a wonderfully unique personality, just as if they existed, that you don't have any problem remember who is who.  They easily feel like the family/friend/community you would want to be in.

Story Development:Through each book, they move at a good pace.  There are times when the story moves quickly and where it moves slower, but it all works with what is going on in the story.  You really get to see the characters evolve as individuals and how that affects the other characters and where they story ends up taking you.  They deal with a witch who doesn't want to be a witch, a witch who has yearned all her life to be a witch and suddenly finds out she is one - but not in the way she had hoped, and a witch who grew up not understanding the effects her magic could have if not done safely. 

Couldn't put it down/Could walk away at any time: Definitely could not put them down.  Usually I only listen to the Kindle at work, since I am allowed to wear headphones.  That is 8-10 hours with headphones in, which is long enough for me, but I found myself listening to these at home to, wanting to know what was going to happen, wanting to be pulled into their supportive/loving world.

Overall: I recommend these books, not for it's fantasy aspect, which is good in its own right, but for the community aspect of this book.  Even if you do not believe in the concept of witchcraft and/or do not care for fantasy books, these books are so much more than that.  They are wonderful books about learning the concepts of trust, love, friendship, and community.

Star Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

There is a fourth book set to come out in the series and I cannot wait!


  1. ...and shoot. Not available on Nook. Guess I'll read 'em Kindle style on my iPad.

  2. Sounds interesting. I'll add it to my "vacation reading" list. =)