Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Inspirations


Absolutely love this simple Gauzy Swaddle Blankets.

The making of this doll quilt, In Progress and Finished is just too nifty. Love it, makes me think of the Road to Eldorado.

Other Inspirations:

I love the Cape Town, South Africa pictures that June from PlanetJune posts.

Recipe Inspirations:

This Colcannon Cakes sound interesting and yummy.

I always want to try Cabbage Rolls but just never get around to it. I need to try to make this a priority to try!


  1. Those blankets look quick and easy. If I weren't in the middle of warping my loom to weave a baby shower gift, I'd consider making one of those instead!

  2. I think I could dine with you... but the Knight would make rude faces and opt out! ;)

  3. I want to make cabbage rolls too. Just haven't done it yet.