Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Words of Wednesday - Frankenfine

So, instead of the theory of Wordless Wednesday, I am deciding to do Words of Wednesday, which is basically reviews of books I have read - -  pretty much only on my Kindle, since that seems to be the only reading I do any more.  If you have any recommendations for my format of reviewing, please let me know.  Every once in a while I plan on having a giveaway, like this time. (See bottom of post)

So the book I am going to review to is : Frankenfine : Fine As Hell by Preita Salyer

Available as Digital Download only on Amazon.

Impressions:  This book reminded me of Laurel K Hamilton's early work, before her stories seemed to center around sex, sex, and more sex.  (not that their is a problem with sex, but sometimes I'd like a little more plot)  Lots of other worldly / fantasy creatures in an urban setting.  I like that Preita gave her own twist to what defines a vampire, were, god, troll, etc. but still kept it within the realm of standing mythology. I also enjoyed the fact that even though the main character is a "creature" of Dr. Frankenstein, that really wasn't the main focus of the story, it was just part of her background.

Characters: Character development was good in this story.  There aren't any of those moments where you feel like tons of info is being heaped onto you about a character because the writer doesn't know where to actually place them in the story.  Information about the characters and their personalities are well spread out through the story and feel like the characters could be real people.  She did a good job of creating characters that you either liked or you didn't . . . but a bit of it trickles in that either the character or the author truly believes that no matter what . . . there is good in all people/creatures.

Story Development:I thought the story development was good, a nice pace where the story didn't feel rushed or drawn out.  Some stories have the problem that you can tell the book was written to tell one specific event and everything leads up or only holds meaning because of this.  But Preita's book was more about the character, Kate, and her life.  Yes, as any story, her life has a bunch of changes happen in this story, but a lot of things in her life stay consistent and when you are as old as Kate, her life has had many changes before, so it's not like it's anything out of the ordinary in some ways.

The story left room for another book in the series, there are still unanswered questions and it leaves you wanting to know more about these characters and what will happen next in their lives.

Couldn't put it down/Could walk away at any time: This book was definitely one of those books where you wanted to keep reading to know what happened, with the characters and the story line.  Sometimes a book can be walked away from, even a decent book. . .  it's story easily forgotten; not to be picked up again, but this wasn't one of those.  Honestly, when I finished with this story, I found myself disappointed that there wasn't another book in the series already. 

Overall: In the end, I would recommend this to anyone who likes urban fantasy, werewolves, vampires, etc.  In fact, if you like those things, I would consider this a must read.

Star Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Giveaway: So, if you would like to win a copy of Preita's book Frankenfine, please leave a comment on this post, saying you would like a copy by Tuesday, the 13th, at midnight.  Unless I personally know how to contact you, you must enter your email for me to be able to contact you. Next Wednesday, I will use the random generator to select a winner!  If you would like to read it, but don't have a Kindle, don't worry, you can also read the book with one of Amazon's Reading Apps!


  1. Neat!! I like your format. I will say that this isn't one of my regular genres, but you make me curious...

  2. Like the new post idea. I am not a fantasy book person so I will pass on the book. But sweet of you to do a give away.

  3. Read your review and am totally curious about reading this book. Winning a copy would be cool.... if I like the read I would still buy a copy to give as a gift. Anyway, thanks for putting up the give away. Hope I get lucky!