Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Eleanor's Doubleknit Seahawks Scarf

So to go along with her Dad's shadow scarf, I knit Ellie a double-knit scarf. Evidently the Seahawks are kind enough to have girl colors which are hot pink and green, I think I did a pretty good job at choosing my colors.

I used the principles from Extreme Double Knitting to make the SEAHAWKS double knit and read correctly on each side. It was actually a heck of a lot easier than I anticipated, just killer on my wrists!

Yarn: Baby Bee Sweet Delight Baby Yarn
Colors: Limeade and Baby Red
Content: 60% Acrylic / 40% Polyamide
Care: Machine wash and dry
Needles: US 1.5

Here you can see a bit of both sides.

Here is the full side of one side, it was hard to get the whole scarf.  I made it around 33", which is recommended for toddler scarves.

Up close.

The green side up close.

I wanted it to stay double knit through out and not turn into a tube, so I did single stitches on the other side.

I really liked the process of creating this and hope to do more in the future. Just maybe with some thicker yarn and bigger needles! :)


  1. Love it!!

    I'm wearing my double-knit headband/ear warmer a lot these days. I need to finish the other one I started...

  2. Cool scarf! I'm sure she'll love it. =)