Saturday, November 17, 2012

Spinning on a Wheel

Well, hopefully today will be one of the last Saturdays that I have to work for a while, but we shall see.

Any who, onto the spinning. For my birthday weekend, which was at the beginning of October, a co-worker let me borrow her spinning wheel. I was super psyched because I had never spun on a wheel before.

Her wheel was a Kiwi and it was easy to learn on. I like to spin thin though, it's just my thing, so we had to compromise because at first it wasn't working. So here is my not so thin yarn:

It's from a bright roving I dyed a long time ago, but it was pretty to spin.

As you can tell, the skein is not very big and the yarn is Navajo plied and about a worsted weight.

So after we had our introductory period and I was a getting more comfortable with the wheel, I decided it was time to try my way of spinning again:

This roving is : Knit Picks Full Circle in the color Wolf. It was lovely to spin.

It was still a struggle with the spinning sometimes, but we agreed most of the time to disagree and went with it.  I have a nice size skein of 3-ply lace weight yarn.  Not sure what to do with it.



As you can tell, it's a little under spun in places and loosely plied.  If I had a high speed whorl when plying this it would look much better, but I am very proud for this being my first full skein on a wheel spinning.


  1. That is REMARKABLE for first on a wheel spinning. Wow!!

  2. How wonderful! Will you be getting a wheel now? :o)

  3. That looks great for your first wheel spin! It is an entirely different beast than spindle work, isn't it? Looks like you managed just fine, though. =)