Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Inspirations

Ah, life, she is busy! Any onto the inspirations:

Recipe Inspirations:

~Chicken Chowder - very much feeling soups right now.

~Roasted Pumpkin and Coconut Soup - interested in trying this because some pumpkin stuff I like and some I don't, hoping this will be one I like.

~Seafood Chowder - mmm, seafood!

~Roasted Jalapeno Soup - sounds yummy!

~Sweet and Sour Chicken Soup - want to try something like this, the more Apple Cider Vinegar I inject into my diet, the better my heartburn has been. I don't even take my Famotidine daily any more.

~Shrimp Chowder - I'm just so soup minded right now with the temperature having dropped so much.

~Candied Almonds - I know I keep talking about making up some flavored nuts, but next weekend, even if I have to work Saturday, I will get two whole days off, so it is happening!


  1. Soups are perfect for fall! I am so looking forward to a 3-day weekend next week. Why is this time of year always so busy??

  2. Raw apple cider vinegar is good for many things. I started drinking a teaspoon a day, diluted in lots of water. I don't have heart burn at all any more. I am in to soups as well.

  3. I'm craving soups and the like too. I pinned the pumpkin coconut... let me know if you actually make it!