Monday, November 19, 2012

The End is just the Beginning

As many of you guessed, the whole spinning wheel venture left me wanting a wheel. My loving husband for my Birthday/Christmas present purchased me a Kiwi 2. This wheel comes with a high speed whorl also!

So here she is:

I stained her an orange color. It didn't look so bright in pieces, but she's definitely orange put all together. The husband says that it looks like she went tanning and stayed in there a little too long so she turned orange.


I am starting off with another Knit Picks Full Circle roving in the Caramel color.

I am very happy to have her, but Wookie doesn't like the wheel.  He will occasionally come up to it and bark at it.  So the craft room is now locked when I am not in there because Wookie has started taking some of his annoyance out on my crafting items.

Which is quite ridiculous, because he is just as spoiled as he ever was.  :)  Maybe he is too spoiled!


  1. Love it! The Kiwi was the first wheel I seriously considered, but the treadles were too close together for me to truly be happy.

    Gg and Mugsy before her, likes to sit in my lap while I spin.

  2. Nice wheel! You're going to be spinning so much more now...

    Funny thing: unspun roving is the one and only crafting thing that my cats have ever attacked. Artemis will steal it and rip it to shreds if she's in a fit of pique over not getting the attention she deserves (and let me tell you...being cat-mauled really takes the fun out of spinning it). I guess it's just more fun to wrestle than a ball of yarn??

  3. yay! a wheel! I'm going to have to get mine out and get going!
    looks like a nice one!