Saturday, February 23, 2013

Quiche experiment

So I tried some different quiche experiments so I could have a quick breakfast:

 photo DSC05363_zps2de1d74d.jpg

 photo DSC05364_zpsc21a7d0c.jpg

I use partially cooked tater tots and break them up to use for crust, then spread some guacamole over it, spoon salsa, then sprinkle sausage with a bit of cheese and then pour mixed eggs over the top. It is quite delicious!

I also tried these with bacon, chopped chicken, etc.

On the less enjoyable side, I have cut potatoes mostly out of my diet so I am not eating these recently.


  1. I might have to try that... yum!

  2. That sounds pretty delicious. Surely there's something you could substitute for the potatoes? Seasoned brown rice, maybe, or crushed, toasted nuts?

  3. That sounds awful.... but I hate quiche. He he, omelets too, don't mix cheese with my eggs. I haven't eaten potatoes in a long time. Have you tried it with yams.