Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Slouchy Hat?

This was a test-crochet I did. Unfortunately, even though the hat is listed as "stretchy" that doesn't mean much to my big head. Plus I think her row gauge was different from mine, because mine doesn't appear as long/deep as it should be, but that could just be because it is stretching more to accommodate the width of my head. I like it inside-out also though.

Right side:
 photo DSC05447_zpse7ccc5a5.jpg

 photo DSC05465_zps1aecb847.jpg

 photo DSC05456_zps21113732.jpg

 photo DSC05454_zps142f4e38.jpg

 photo DSC05453_zps595ce9a3.jpg

 photo DSC05449_zps8757ebad.jpg

 photo DSC05459_zps9075f614.jpg

Inside out:
 photo DSC05464_zps107ab8d3.jpg

 photo DSC05462_zps5bb656db.jpg

 photo DSC05461_zps33b3262d.jpg

Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky
Color: Hot Blue
Content: 100% Acrylic
Care: Machine wash - but due to the motif on top being done in all wool, the hat is not machine washable
Hooks:J and I
Pattern: is not out yet, but it is called the Dahlia Slouchy Beanie


  1. Neat! I like inside out best too...

  2. Do you keep all the hats you make, you must have a ton.

  3. Looks nice and warm, and I like the crown details. Fun!