Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Worth the Wait

Much to the people around me, I am pretty much always a "better late than never" when it comes to too many things, I am just not organized enough to do otherwise most of the time. But I always hope that whatever is given, is worth the wait. :) So I understand others who also fall into this category.

Two years ago I signed up for Pay It Forward on GMarie's Blog. It may be past the 365 days, but it was definitely worth the wait!

These are monogrammed Napkins!  And the monogrammed letter M is in orange!
 photo DSC05423_zpse8e444f1.jpg

12 all together!
 photo DSC05425_zps213cf775.jpg

Plus a knitted cowl in alpaca!  The wash she used makes the cowl smell delicious!
 photo DSC05426_zps5198bd59.jpg

Love the seed/moss stitch.
 photo DSC05428_zps505364bf.jpg

Lovely cowl, you can also see my hair, cut it a few weeks ago!
 photo DSC05430_zps0e18eed8.jpg

 photo DSC05436_zps20b265a9.jpg

Thank you very much GMarie!


  1. Love the hair!! G gives great gifts, doesn't she? I have a cowl in a similar color from her... that I have so rudely never blogged. Enjoy the napkins too.

  2. Ha ha... I was thinking what is the m for. Wow I am so slow..... very nice though. Now you just need to smile.

  3. I'm so glad it arrived and you like it! Enjoy. Glad I finally got it done. g

  4. Those monograms are great! A full dozen is a pretty big accomplishment, too...I can see why it took a little longer to get through it all.