Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Inspirations

It's so hard to find good banana pudding that isn't just vanilla pudding with bananas in it. Do any of you have a good banana pudding recipe?

Crochet Inspirations:
I like the theory of Granny Square Cowls and think I might try some of these sometime this year.

Recipe Inspirations:

I know this sounds really weird, but you have to admit that this Sicilian Meatloaf sounds super interesting.

Again, with the lemons . . . is there really any better flavor? This Lemon Loaf Cake sounds so yummy!

Chili Pot Roast sounds interesting and worth trying.

I am interested in trying to make pizza in a cast iron pan, like this recipe, but was thinking about substituting gluten free Bisquick. We shall see.

Paleo Chocolate Truffles. . . isn't that self-explanatory enough?

During this holiday season, I tried gluten-free gingerbread cookies in an effort to see if this was one of those things that I would actually like as an adult . . . let me tell you people, gingerbread is yummy!!! My husband looks at me like I am crazy, but lets be honest, he looks at me like that all the time for various reasons. I so want to make this Chocolate Gingerbread Cake.

Another one of those, this sounds weird, but you know it also sounds interesting, maybe even delicious . . . Apple Bacon Breakfast Cake! Come on you know it tweaks your interest!

My favorite soup as a child was Clam Chowder . . . the thought of making my own is just so exciting!

Marinated Cucumbers . . . does that just not sound yummy?

In my effort to try new things, I think it would be interesting to try this Smoked Oyster Spread. I know I don't like the sliminess of oysters whole, just cannot do it due to the texture, but this might be worth trying.


  1. I hadn't seen the granny square cowls. Neat. I've never made a granny square, actually...

    I love gingerbread when it's soft - a texture thing, which evidently, you'll understand - so that cake might be a must-make if ever I have time to bake!

  2. Lots of recipes in your list! I like the fact that gingerbread isn't as sweet as other cookies (unless, of course, you cover it in frosting...) I don't think I've ever seen meatloaf with cheese in it, but it sounds good.