Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wookie Montage - picture heavy

The Wookie Montage is a bunch of pictures from Wookie lately, that I just haven't had the time to post. Enjoy!

Don't you want to rub my tummy?
 photo DSC05429_zpsa1b4ef38.jpg

Snow is delicious!!
 photo DSC05407_zps2dba807f.jpg

 photo DSC05406_zps898a3935.jpg

Wow, this stuff is deep!
 photo DSC05405_zps5e5b3e93.jpg

 photo DSC05404_zps079e5b7b.jpg

Good thing my ancestors were mushing dogs!
 photo DSC05403_zps87d5b219.jpg

Yummy, yummy snow!
 photo DSC05402_zpsd115e41a.jpg

 photo DSC05401_zpsafb65666.jpg

 photo DSC05400_zps4af02ec6.jpg

 photo DSC05399_zpsb2f4fccc.jpg

 photo DSC05398_zpse9487b0c.jpg

 photo DSC05397_zps232dd343.jpg

Did you hear something?
 photo DSC05396_zps45fe434a.jpg

 photo DSC05395_zpsa7f881e3.jpg

 photo DSC05394_zps032dda65.jpg

Yes, I am just that cute!
 photo DSC05362_zpsdf0d4d58.jpg

Wow, my days are tiring!
 photo DSC05361_zpsc58307a7.jpg


  1. What a cute, happy dog! I love the "kink" in the damp fur...

  2. Well, I'm glad somebody got out to thoroughly enjoy the snow. =)