Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Inspirations

Recipe Inspirations:

I want to try this Flourless Lemon Almond Cake.

These Cranberry Crumb Bars with Mulling Spices sounds very interesting.

I like Asian foods and this Cod In Garlic-Ginger Broth sounds interesting and comforting to the tummy. My stomach loves me more when I eat more ginger.

I know this is simple, but these Freezer Hash-browns are such a good idea for a time saver.

Gluten Free Linzer Cookies . . .yes, you read that correctly. Such yumminess that I need to try!

This Turkey Tetrazzini looks delicious and could be made gluten-free easily and even paleo.

Ah, Paleo Salted Caramels, enough said!

Still on a pesto kick and this variation, Roasted Red Pepper Pesto sounds interesting and worth trying.

This Coq au Vin sounds interesting, does anyone know if it is worth while to make if I am going to eliminate the wine?

Ah, this Hot and Spicy Buffalo Shrimp Dip sounds delicious.


  1. Yum. I'm not a huge fan of turkey, but the tetrazzini sounds too good not to try.

    I'm also not a fan of coq au vin, so I hope someone else can provide feedback.

  2. Lots of things sound good here! Lemon cake and Linzer cookies top the list, though.

    From what little I know, the wine in Coq au Vin is traditionally used to soften up a tough bird by long cooking. Of course, nowadays we don't really have old, tough birds that need cooking, since we buy from a supermarket anyway. So I think the wine is now more of a flavor thing. They're not using very much, so I'd expect that you'd be fine without it. (I've also usually thought of CaV as a red wine dish, so this one is perhaps not all that traditional anyway??)

  3. I am sure it will still be tasty but the wine adds a lot to the flavor.