Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Inspirations

Other Inspirations
I so want to buys some natural lotions from Wild Oaks Naturals.

Recipe Inspirations:

Ah, have you ever had Monkey Bread . . . it's sacrilegious, but it's even worth eating gluten for! I want to try these gluten-free though. We shall see how well it works.

A simple recipe for Bacon, Mushroom, Spinach with a dressing, but add a little chicken or pork in also and it sounds like a lovely dinner.

With eating Paleo intermittently, I have found out that my body does not so much care for beans, at least whole, so this Meat Lovers No Bean Chili Recipe sounds interesting to try.

Soup plus Mexican inspired, what could be better? This Turkey Poblano Soup sounds interesting and yummy!

Lemon Cranberry Paleo Muffins sounds interesting. I have to admit, I have a difficult time finding a good paleo mix for baked goods and often just omit them when I am going completely paleo.

On the other side, Double Lemon Glazed Doughnuts . . . ah, doubtful it is possible to make these gluten-free, but I like to drool at the chance.

Lastly, my sister makes an awesome Chicken Parmesan and I am hoping that this Paleo Chicken Parmesan will come close to her version.

Homemade General Tsos Chicken Strips sounds yummy!

I am trying to utilize my crockpot more and this Taqueria Style Shredded Beef sounds like it would be delicious.


  1. Might have to try the Gen Tso's Chicken. I like the flavor but not all the breaded mess some places insist on including...

  2. GF monkey bread is definitely possible. I'd start with this recipe and experiment from there: