Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cover for the Swiffer

Well, this all started because back when we moved into this apartment, almost a year ago, we bought a Swiffer because our apartment has hardwood floors and it would work better. The one we purchased you can also put wet Swiffer rags on to mop the floor, nifty, not for the hardwood, but for the tiled kitchen. My bf usually mops as he is a little more clean orientated than I am, he prefers a mop. I went to mop a couple of days ago and I don't care for the mop, so I was going to use the wet swiffer rag that came with the swiffer. You cannot used it on non-sealed tiles . . . which our apartment building is cheap-o and our tiles are unsealed. So, I created a cover that I could get wet and then mop the tile and hard wood using the swiffer. Yeah! Technically I guess you could also use it to sweep when it's dry.

It was quite easy. My swiffer is 10" x 4 3/4"
I used Sugar & Cream in the color Cornflower.
Hook size: D/3mm
My gauge was 5sc=1" / 5.25rows=1"

Cover for Swiffer Pattern
(always work through both loops unless indicated)
Chain 24+1, turn
sc across, ch1, turn ( do this 10 times total)
sc in front loop only across, ch1, turn (this makes the fold easier)
sc across, ch1, turn (do this 50 times total)
sc in front loop only across, ch1, turn
sc across, ch1, turn (do this 10 times total)

fold ends over and sc around outside, including around folded edge, only sc through the loop that sticks out from not being used. ( I will include some pictures of this when I make the next one.)

It fits well and works well. I had seen some other patterns for such thing on the internet, but I wanted a more dense fabric.

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