Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gardens and Doll

Well, the little rice plant did not survive transplanting. It was too bad, but it was just an experiment so I am over it. The plants are growing beautifully, some better than others.

My bean plants have lovely little purple blooms on them! I am so excited about this, but now I am going to have to learn how to do canning!

My cacti are growing well, even if they are super tiny so far.

A little close up

My first rose bud! And the aphids have found it about the same time I did, so that will have to be taken care of. I am hoping some soapy water will work well enough, I have garlic-soapy water-homemade pesticide but I have to research whether or not the rose bush can live through that.

A pepper bloom! Isn't it lovely! Now if only I could convince the aphids to leave these plants alone, one bloom may make it past this small stage!

I have been working on my projects, but a little on this and a little on that. It's been busy at work the last few days and my wrist is giving me lots of pain. I have finished Justice's doll except for her face though.

Here she is all together! Some times during the construction I questioned whether or not my color choice was any good. I just didn't want to do her a bleach white color, it's just so unrealistic, but after she is all put together, I think it works quite well.

A profile of the head.

A straight on view.

I sewed her little legs on closer to the front so she would actually have a butt.

The little orange stitch marker is for me to mark around the middle of her face, it kind of looks like a nose ring. *smile* I really actually enjoyed making this doll.

I changed a couple things from the pattern. On the hands, I did a row of even of sc stitches between the increase and decrease row for the thumb, because I wanted the thumb to be a little more pronounced. I also did about 4 extra rows on the legs, this was accidental on one leg and there for had to be repeated for the second leg. *smile* I really like how the hair line worked out, it was a bit of a pain in the butt to figure out just how I wanted it to look, but it was worth it.

All I need to do now is make her some blue polymer button eyes, embroider the face, make some undies, and make a dress. I am very happy with it.

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