Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pods and Glimpses

The title makes it sound like this post is going to be about aliens, huh? *smile*

In all my excitement of seeing flowers on my little bean plants yesterday, I didn't even see that some of them have progressed past the flower stage! Crazy, huh? I actually have little bean pods already.

Little too much flash on this one, but it's hard to see green on green otherwise.

Another one, a little longer, altogether there were three of them on this plant!

Also, with only 13 days left until we leave for Washington State, I had decided to just sew the clothes for the doll. It would be far less stress on my wrists and be much quicker, right? So, last night I am thinking that I should try to make an orange dress since that is Justice's favorite color. I realize that I don't have enough orange fabric for a dress, which just bums me out. Then I remember I do have some orange yarn left over from Justice's socks. I didn't have enough on its own, but I do have some white acrylic baby yarn that would work perfectly with it. So, here is a little glimpse of how in an effort to make it easier, I just made it more work on myself. *smile*

I think it is just going to be beautiful though. I keep telling myself it is okay because really I am very close to being done with everything, I just need to finish a little here and there on each pieces.

My mind also wanted to start working on my Raspberry Truffle Vest(more in a later post about that) again too last night, I had good ideas racing through my head and I was able to contain them and only stay up way too late working on the doll dress. *smile*

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