Sunday, June 15, 2008

Eye-candy and gardening

Isn't this scarf gorgeous?!? I love the home-made look to it. I have to admit, I probably couldn't pull of those bright colors, but it is so appealing looking. It was woven, which is something I really want practice doing. I need to make myself a loom first.

Also, aren't these some of the niftiest socks you have ever seen? They come from this pattern. Such an interesting idea. Plus, I am a fan of short rows.

It was a nice day today, but the thunder storms and rain came about an hour or so before I was suppose to get out of work. Just walking about a block home got me soaked. It was good though. I love a good rain.

I worked a little on the garden today. I transplanted my little sweet pepper plants and my lavender. I think I am going to try to plant some more lavender as it didn't work so well last time. I have about five little cactus's. I had to change the position of some of my plants. I seem to have an ant problem . . . go figure living on the second floor. The love my little pepper plants. Some of the blooms are beginning to grow little peppers and the ants just swarm them. What is up with that? Since when do ants love green bell peppers and are willing to attack them while still in bloom on a second floor balcony? Any how, I moved them higher up and put the tomato plants on the ground since they don't seem to care about them yet.

Well, that's all for tonight. Hope you enjoy the eye-candy!

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