Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Interweave Crochet!

Almost completely forgot to mention I also got my new Summer 2008 Interweave Crochet magazine in the mail the other day. This is such a nice thing, since I am not my craft diet this summer. I am not "allowed" to buy any crafting items this summer . . . it extends until school starts back up in the end of August. This has been annoying at times and somewhat difficult, but having subscriptions to Interweave Crochet and Interweave Knitting and the emails from Knitting Daily do make it easier. Because then I at least have some sort of new craft satisfaction. I am mostly doing this because my boyfriend and my mother think it is absolutely impossible for me to stick with it. Hah! I will show them.

Any how, the new Interweave Crochet,
I like:

Santa Fe Shawl: I like this one, but then I am very partial to granny square type items. I don't think I am girlie enough to wear this, but I could see some other people I know potentially pulling it off.

Midsummer's Dream Camisole: I really like this one. I like how it makes the crochet look so delicate. This is girlie, but it is still appealing to me, except the buttons up the back - - not so sure about that. This is a maybe.

Diamond Sage Wrap: This is lovely and delicate, but I am not really a wrap/shawl person.

Flirty '30s Tank Top: I must say I really like this top. In fact, I like it way too much. This will definitely be something I try once I can shop again for yarn.

Boucle Bath Mat: I like the theory of this, but do not know if I would have enough patience to do that boucle stitch for all of that rug.

Article on Crocheting as a Spiritual Medium - I liked this article. I also liked the Yarmulke next to the title and would love to learn how to make something that beautiful. Carol Ventura - Tapestry Crochet

Strung Shells Top: I like this, but it is a little similar to the Flirty '30s Tank Top.

Gladiolus Vest: I think this vest looks nice , but I do not care for the closure options. I would probably make this larger and add a few buttons instead.

Baby Trio: The baby stuff is nice, but I don't have a reason for any of it. The bunny is rather cute though, maybe I will make that for my niece.

La Mer Scarf: It is pretty and a little too girlie for me. Plus, I don't really see it holding up to a Buffalo winter and I wear enough scarves in the winter time, I don't want any if I don't need them.

I dislike/ feel indifferent about/ or would modify:

Match point skirt : I think it is a good idea but think the top of the pleats are very ugly! I think if it was knit a little longer and without the top part of the pleats it would actually look very nice.

Teardrop Necklace : I think this is a little too tacky looking. Maybe if it was done in finer yarn with a much smaller hook, however, this is a large maybe.

Queen Anne's Lace Blouse: I like the stitch pattern used in the shirt and would actually wear the shirt if it wasn't for the collar that is on there. That is quite unappealing looking. This is a maybe, but the collar will definitely be changed.

Shifting Panels Tunic: I kind of like the shifting panels but this looks like a little mu mu, not the most flattering.

Ocean Pearls Cardigan: Not much for this cardigan. It's simple and nice, but does nothing that jumps out at me. Also not much for the ribbon closure.

And lastly, the article in the back about Crochet on the Runway. I have to say, I think most of it looks somewhat hideous. Two out of the three models look uncomfortable. Although, I will give in and admit, that I think most runway fashion is unappealing to say the least.

Well, that's all of my opinions for today. I kind of like writing down my opinions about the new patterns, that way I can reference back to them when I am looking for something to make. Plus, it makes me think about what I really feel about each design.

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  1. Hope you stick to it. When I was younger, I had a friend and we couldn't walk past a craft or wool shop. It's taken 20 years to work my way through it!