Monday, March 2, 2009

Ah, See I told you I would . . .

These are a few pictures of the ultra-simplistic shawl I made for my 3-D class out of only paper, no adhesives.

It's made from three different kinds of links. One that is tear shaped or what I was considering to be knit stitch shaped. Next on is a small, fat circle that connects the knit stitches, I consider this to be like a crochet stitch. And thirdly, a skinny larger loop which connects the knit stitch rows to each other and to me was similar to a yarn over. Got an A, so evidently it was all worth it. Remember, NO Adhesives, this is all tab and slot! Talk about time consuming.

Might this be secret knitting? Maybe.

I might give more clues tomorrow.

On a completely different note . . . -20F with windchill! I think Mother Nature took the whole in like a lion thing a little too seriously!

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  1. I like your school project. I'm really wondering what the mystery item is, does Rhoni know?