Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday's Featured Blog

A lost love of sorts, I loved tatting from the moment I found it. Have I done any lately? No, but I have been feeling bad about that lately, so today's blog is a tatting blog.

Sharon's Tatted Lace

Things I enjoy about this blog:
~ I love the fact that she really wants to help people learn and understand tatting more.

~I enjoy that she shares her creative process.

~She shows you her mistakes and her annoyances with her projects.

Arts & Crafts at this Blog:
~Tatted Shamrock
~Tatted Collar
~Tatted Square
~Tatted Amulet Bag
~Tatted Sun catcher
~Tatted Doily

If you enjoy tatting, you should take a look . . . even if you don't know what tatting is or haven't tried it yet, I would still encourage a look at her blog! Enjoy! It makes me want to grab my tatting supplies and tat.

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