Sunday, March 8, 2009


Tonight I made some Baked Potato Soup. I took a cheese soup recipe that I have used before and added some potatoes, chives, and ham. I was going to put some corn too, but I forgot. Used a different kind of cheese and cut out a few things from the original recipe that would clash with the new items. I am not a "naturally" talented cook, so when I can make something good, especially something were I deviate from a recipe, it feels great! So, with out further ado . . .

I bought some gardening stuff the last couple of days and hopefully will get everything started soon. I am not doing as much stuff as I tried last summer because the balcony is just not a prime location to grow things due to the limited amount of sun it gets. But I am not giving up and I am trying some stuff. Hopefully my strawberry plants and my rose bush will come back.


  1. Oh man, I LOVE Bakes Potato Soup. And yours looks so yummy. Maybe you should share your recipe here???? ;)

  2. The soup looks delicious - thanks for the recipe!