Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Knitty - Spring 2009

Ah, the new Knitty is up!

~Shipwreck - - As we know, I am not a shawl person, but I really think this is beautiful. I think a lot of the beauty comes from the balance of simplicity and complicated. Very nice.

~Reverie Beret - - Not really a fan. I like the pattern of the spiral, but I am not a beret type of person.

~Aeolian Shawl - - I quite like the edge detail. It is a nice looking shawl, but lots of attention and charts.

~Santeney Vest - - Honestly, I think it is a little to look to be flattering. It's like it is caught between being a vest and a dress. Maybe if it was shorter, but I am not sure.

~Pioneer - - Love it! Simple with embellishments that look like they belong and weren't just added willy-nilly. I even think it looks good in the variegated yarn that she chose, which I am usually not much for variegated yarns in tops.

~Hanne Vest - - WTF? There is something I like, the left corner in the front(when you are looking at it, her right). I think that part could be used to make an interesting halter, which is essentially what her vest looks like, just not a very appealing one. The way that corner looks is the only thing I like about it.

~Imagine - - This sweater looks like a comfy baggy sweater. I like the way she designed the peace symbol on the front, simple and effective. I think the sweater might be a little more appealing if there weren't quite so much negative ease though and some waist shaping.

~Decimal Cardigan - - No real opinion. It has a nice stitch pattern, but the bell sleeves only look good on the smaller model. As a larger girl, the belled sleeves only draw more attention to your hips/belly area. Otherwise it is okay.

~Andy - - Eh, not really. It's okay, but nothing that really catches my eye. I do not like the buckling of the zipper. And to be completely honest, it looks like he's wearing a top that was meant for a female.

~Topaz - - Cute and simple. I like the fact that she did some shaping and didn't just make it straight down. The color-work is nice and not over done.

~Steggie - - It's a cute little kids top, but probably not something I'd make . . . no little kids that I know have an interest in dinosaurs.

~Absinthe - - Parts of the sock are nice, but as one piece, I don't think it is very nice looking. I think there is too much, the design on the top of the foot area really isn't needed.

~Cirque - - I like the sock better in the variegated yarn as it is more subtle. The solid version looks over done.

~Cachoeira - - I think the sock is quite nice and pretty. It does bother me when you never see the item on a real person and only a dummy foot or mannequin.

~Flit 'n Float - - Lovely! It is nice and simple but looks more complex. If I was more girly I would make and wear something like this . . . as it is, I would still consider making it for someone who is more girly than I am. It is just such a nice use of stitch patterns that actually do look good with each other. Quite nice.

~Ripple - - A little girly, but a wonderful design! It looks like it'll will definitely take a little time to make, since there is different fiddly aspects, but it looks worth it.

~Sourwood Mountain - - Interesting looking. I think they might look nicer in another color and I don't much care for the buttons on the band. The stitch patterns used fit well together and look nice.

~Babyhood - - First and foremost, I am a huge fan of sepia pictures, but with the yellow of the hood showing . . . well, they are just not good pictures. The hood is cute, but probably not the most practical now. I am a fan of Franklin and read his blog . . . but I don't necessarily think one should get put in Knitty for translating and clarifying a pattern.

~Flock - - Oh how I love this! If I ever have a baby, I will make this for them. I love the fact that it does look interesting for every view. I love everything about it. Heck, I would be tempted to make myself one.

**As always, these are just my opinions, I encourage you to go have a look for yourself.

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