Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Perception is everything . . .

My mother always talks about my crafting abilities like it is something odd, like I have some special ability. I don't agree with her, I just think I am very stubborn and will continue to try to learn something until I am satisfied. I use to sew dolls and clothing a long time ago and thought I was a doing fairly good job for my age. My mother makes lovely blankets, I will have to pull them out from my wooden chest and take some pictures for you all to see. I find sewing a little frustrating . . . mostly because it is a LOT more tedious to rip things out and start again vs. knitting or crocheting. I don't mind making mistakes, but I would just like them a little easier to fix. :)

But we always strive to better ourselves, right? So, here is the sewing I started yesterday. I still need to connect part of the middle, but here it is so far. I have wanted to rip sections out a number of times now, but didn't . . . why? Because with sewing, I find it easier to just make the one with the mistakes in it and then try anew and hope it goes better the next time.

Which means this is just a practice piece. It doesn't look too bad, but it could look better. I will try to finish it up and iron it so you can see it all together for tomorrow. And then, I will start a new one. I think my inabilities in sewing stem somewhat from my dislike of geometry.

Anyways, my mother can sew wonderfully, by hand or with a sewing machine. Her skills in sewing will always surpass mine and make me wish I could sew as good as she can.


  1. Beautiful colors! And sewing is like any other gets better with practice!

  2. I love those colors together, and you are very good at sewing, I've seen your dolls.