Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday's Featured Blog

Friday's Featured Blog is Claudia's Blog.

Things I enjoy about this blog:
~She seems to have a good sense of humor about life in general.
~I love seeing the many different projects she makes.
~She seems very honest and friendly.
~Adorable kitty pictures!
~Lots of pictures and you guys know my addiction to blogs with lots of pictures!
~I adore the amount of orange found on this blog!
~I enjoy reading about her biking adventures.

Arts & Crafts I find at this blog:
~Knitted Sweater
~Knitted Sweater
~Silk Spinning
~Knitted Top
~Orange Socks - - - who would love that?!?
~Knotted Rug Weaving
~Lace Knitting
~Orange Hedgehog!
~More Socks

Overall, this is someone who seems born to blog. I always enjoy reading her blog and I think she has a talent for blogging in general. Go check out her blog, there are many more projects and adventures to read about.

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